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Power Systems

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Upgrade, protection, and maintenance. Commercial power systems are larger in scale than residential systems. Electrical designs for larger commercial systems are usually studied for load flow, short-circuit fault levels, and voltage drop for steady-state loads and during starting of large motors. The objectives of the studies are to assure proper equipment and conductor sizing, and to coordinate protective devices so that minimal disruption is cause when a fault is cleared.

Lighting Systems

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Upgrade, energy efficiency, and monitoring to keep cost down. Star Electrical Service, Inc.. takes pride in our ability to service any and all of your commercial lighting needs with our cost effective, long-lasting, commercial lighting solutions.  We understand that cutting your energy costs, improving your employees’ productivity, and increasing your company’s profitability will empower your business and enrich your community, as a whole.  

Clean Power

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It is essential to have filtering system when you have digital system work and combine with electrical power. We provide business customers across the region the option of using environmentally friendly power, generated by renewable sources, like solar, wind and geothermal. Star Electrical Service, Inc. supplies greener and cleaner power solutions to businesses. Lower your greenhouse gas emissions and make an easy choice for a greener way of living. Using more renewable energy reduces your reliance on foreign and domestic fossil fuels, which helps protect you from spikes in energy prices. 

Grounding & Bonding

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It is essential that the facility has proper grounding and is tested one year for proper measurements and stability. Stabilize the system voltage to earth during normal operating conditions by providing an earth’s reference frame for the system.  Maintain within acceptable limits, excess voltages on the system due to lightning, line surges, and incidental contact with higher voltages. These two reasons allow you to meet the two primary goals of equipment protection and personnel safety for the electrical system.

Facility Emergency System Installation

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Essentially, emergency systems are lifelines for people, and Star Electrical Service, Inc. is all about keeping those lifelines from breaking. The main goal is to keep your emergency operation as reliable as possible. One way to do that is to use inherently safe actuation devices, such as valves that “fail safe” to a predetermined position upon loss of power. Another is to limit what qualifies as an “emergency load,” so the emergency system powers only what is needed to save human life.

Facility Electrical and Mechanical Inspection

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Today’s facilities are saving hundreds of millions of dollars every year with electrical and mechanical inspections. Our professional testing services can substantially improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by quickly pinpointing problems, reducing downtime and equipment damage, preventing catastrophic failures, establishing repair priorities, improving maintenance efficiency and testing under load to avoid costly shutdowns.

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